An Interview with Bianca, the founder of Simple Nature products

Hello! My name is Bianca and I’m the owner/ founder of Simple Nature All Natural Baby Care Products!

As a mom, I’m very protective of my daughter and it all started from the moment I conceived. I read literally me&ellieALL the books available about nutrition, exercise, and what to expect. I was so fascinated with everything I read, it really got me thinking. I knew that I needed to eat well but avoid certain foods, and think about what I was using on my skin too.

As a licensed cosmetologist and medical aesthetician with many years of experience, it would always amaze me that many people didn’t know that their skin is the largest organ of the body. While it helps to protect us from the elements, it also acts as an excellent carrier for many ingredients in to the blood stream; hence why any skin care products with retinols, salicylates and the like were off limits while I was pregnant, I just didn’t want to take the risk of passing harmful toxins on to my unborn child.

Before my daughter was born, I thought about all the things that we would need for our little angel. Once she was set up with all the main baby gear, we started to think about what we were going to use to keep her clean! We decided on cloth diapers (absolute best for baby and environment!) and also natural/organic skin care.

I thought to myself, “this should be easy, just a quick trip to the store” and off I went. Many hours later, I’d been to several stores leaving all of them so upset and dissatisfied. Why? Because, of all the natural products that are on the market, you would think there would be mostly all natural skin care products for babies? After all, their skin is thinner than that of adult skin by an estimated 20-30%. Babies are literally born with sensitive skin!

After giving up searching stores, I ended up buying a couple different brands online since I refused to use anything harsh or irritating. While these products were ok, I felt I could do better. I soon realized that if I was going to find exactly what I was looking for, I’d have to put my good knowledge to use and create my own line.

No parent should have to use chemical laden products or be “Green washed” by products claiming to be this or that. We should have more choice.

For me, creating Simple Nature came naturally (excuse the pun). I know what works and made sure that what I created was pure, safe, effective and natural with certified organic ingredients.

With Simple Nature, you can rest assured that what we put on the label is what you get. We believe that natural should really mean natural and never compromise on our ingredients simply because we know it’s worth it to use only the best while keeping our products affordable, earth friendly, cruelty free, stylish and made in the USA!

Much peace, love and happiness,




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