Are You Ready to Hire a Manufacturer Sales Rep?

ChecklistAs your business grows, you might feel like you’re being pulled in too many different directions, which might be impacting your performance. While the owners of growing businesses wear a lot of hats – from finance and marketing to sales, operations and customer support – there comes a time when you’re ready to delegate some of those tasks to outside vendors.

Sales is one task that many business owners a glad to outsource to an expert. It’s often viewed as a daunting task that requires persistence, energy and a thick skin. That’s why manufacturer sales reps often provide the much needed support and relief a manufacturer needs when it comes to running their sales department.

If you think you’re ready to take your sales to the next level, you may want to ask yourself the following questions before you begin a search for a manufacturer sales rep.

Do I have a wide enough margin?

Suppliers of small, retail-type goods that tend to sell on small margins often do not need – and cannot afford – a manufacturer’s agent to rep their product, particularly in the early stages of their business. Also, if a supplier is large enough to field its own in-house sales force, then that it probably won’t need sales representation either. However, if your margin is wide enough that you can hire a sales rep and still turn a reasonable profit – or it will set you on a trajectory to turn a profit within the amount of time you determine reasonable – then you should start shopping for the right MSR ASAP!

Can my business handle the rapid growth that an MSR can bring?

If you partner with the right sales distributor, you’ll be in front of the hundreds of retailers that sales rep manages in its portfolio. Not only does this mean you’ll achieve vast and sudden exposure for your brand, but also it means you’ll need to ensure you have a market-ready product, set pricing, and a budget to support your new sales efforts with marketing and customer support. It is also important to be sure that you’re prepared to manufacture enough products to meet the growing demand that will ensue.

Is my product niche or technical?

Manufacturer’s reps can often be of great assistance to suppliers when they do business in the same niche industry. This enables a product that is somewhat technical, or one that requires specific instruction, to be in good hands with a knowledgeable sales agent. For example, if you have a new type of baby sling or breast pump that requires a special introduction or instruction in proper use, you will want a sales rep who is educated in the baby/maternity industry and can effectively convey the product’s functionality and purpose to the right decision makers.

Is this cost effective for my business?

While having a designated sales person in-house can help streamline the sales process, having a MSR can often help you earn volume sales faster and at a lower cost. Plus, an outside sales rep doesn’t need a salary, benefits, insurance, etc. so it minimizes your upfront costs.

Plus, because manufacturer’s reps usually carry multiple product lines, they are able to do their job more quickly and efficiently than an in-house sales person who might learn on the job.

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