Assembling an Awesome Media Kit (or Press Kit) for Your Business

Press Kit imageA media or press kit is an opportunity to showcase your business to the world in a pretty package. Press and bloggers often ask for a press kit when they want to gather basic information about your company. It’s an easy way for them to get the facts they need in order to write an accurate piece about you.

So you might be wondering what goes into making a good press or media kit?  This blog post will detail all the components and provide inspiration to you to develop your own press kit for your growing business.

Press Kit Components:

Company Backgrounder.  You’ll definitely want to include a company backgrounder in your press kit – as that is the heart of who you are and your story.  A company backgrounder should include information such as how and why you started your company, what you stand for (values and beliefs), and what your business/brand is in a nutshell. Think of it as an article or story about your business. Most company backgrounders should be no longer than one page or 500 words.

Product Fact Sheet.  In your press kit, you’ll want to provide an overview of your products. This is a chance for you to dive deep into describing your products with things such as key benefits, sizing, colors, pricing, and where to buy. Remember, a fact sheet includes all the facts pertinent to sharing your company’s story – so be accurate, detailed and on message so you shape how people talk about your products.

Owner/Founder Bio.  A good press kit will include a 3-4 paragraph biography on the company’s founder or owner. Use this as an opportunity to tell a story about the founder and what he/she believes, why this business is important to him/her, and any background information that contributes to the founder’s/owner’s success in leading the business.  Many bios include relevant career history, experience and expertise, educational background, and a bit about the individual’s family life and/or personal interests.

Photos.  If media and blogger plan to write about you, they are going to want some high-resolution images to include alongside the editorial.  Make this easy for them by providing access (typically in some sort of online press kit or newsroom) to high quality photos they can use. Include product photos, lifestyle photos, your logo, and the founder/owner’s headshot(s). Hire a professional photographer to ensure your business is picture-perfect. In today’s highly visual world, you cannot afford to skimp on professional imagery.

Press Release.  A press release can make a nice addition to your press kit. It shows you’re out there ready to make “news” – and it can offer additional insight into your company’s history and activities. Don’t bog down your press kit with tons of irrelevant press releases though – only include the most relevant and important ones (i.e. your launch-day release, or the launch of a major new product, key new hire, etc.

A word to the wise about press kits: Most press and bloggers want electronic access to your media kit. Either host your press kit on your website – making it easy for media to access your media kit directly, or keep the files in a private Dropbox folder and share the link with those who request it (or who you think should have it). In today’s digital world, there is no need to send costly and wasteful print press kits.

Do you have any tips for assembling a media or press kit that rocks? Share your tips on our blog by leaving a comment.

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