Buncha Farmers Stain Stick Product Review, It really works!

When we first made the decision to cloth diaper, I ordered 24 brand new FuzziBunz pocket diapers. I remember getting that large box of soft, squishy diapers and loving how “sparkly” they were. No one I knew cloth diapered, so I only had the internet as my teacher. We hadn’t cloth diapered our first child, and with our now second, we had used disposables up to this point. That meant that we had to “untrain” our brains on how to diaper our baby!

So of course there were 2 AM diaper changes when my husband accidentally used zinc-based diaper creams without thinking. For those of you who are familiar with cloth diapering, you know that’s a big no-no! Zinc oxide is a water barrier which will cause repelling on your diapers; the exact opposite of what you want! Well, with lots of scrubbing and stripping we managed to get rid of the zinc that caused the repelling, but over time, the fleece continued to get darker and darker until many of our diapers looked like this:

stain 1 We tried all the normal methods of removing the stains…sunning, BacOut, lemon juice; I think I even reported to using a little bit of bleach and nothing worked!

Fast forward two years and our son is now daytime potty-trained, but we have kept this last diaper for a swim diaper and nighttime solution. The stain has remained, and since we are really the only ones to see it, I haven’t worried about the stain. However, my OCD tendencies didn’t love looking at that stain every day.stain stick

Last month when my distributor introduced the Buncha Farmer’s All Natural Stain Remover Stick, I decided to give it a try. I’m always looking for the best natural products for our store, so I was excited to bring this on.

After I got my shipment in, I brought one home to give it a try. I decided I was going to really put this to the test on this old diaper and see if the claims were true. I treated the diaper with the wet stick and did a normal diaper wash routine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the washer to find this:

stain 2One treatment and a two year old set in stain was gone!

stain 3If you are looking for that miracle stain remover, then look no further. Buncha Farmer’s All Natural Stain Remover Stick will help you get rid of all your stains!

melaneMelane Nelson is the owner of Growing Up in St Petersburg, FL, helping parents grow their families naturally. She is the mom of 7 and 2 year old boys that keep her very busy in the stain department!




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