Create and Manage your own giveaways with Rafflecopter!

Are you running your own giveaways yet?  You should be!

Rafflecopter is free and is super easy to use.  Simply create an account at and you’re off to the races!

Although they’ve recently added paid plans, there is still a great free option.

With Rafflecopter you can create your own entry methods requiring extra data to verify entries as needed, set a start and end date, make up your own entry requirements, rules and guidelines, and most importantly choose winners at random!

If you’re like me, you were probably hosting giveaways where people commented to win.  Then you’re left counting to figure out who commenter 354 was.  This has essentially become the ancient way!

Rafflecopter gives you the code that you can simply place into the html of your website or blog post and that’s it!  It’s also easily added to Facebook Tabs and is an approved 3rd party app that Facebook allows.

What are you waiting for?  Plan your first giveaway now!


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