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We have exciting news to share about our partners at Earth Mama Angel Baby!

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March 4, 2014 — Clackamas, OR — Earth Mama Angel Baby®’s herbal pregnancy teas and herbal personal care products have always been pure and safe, but now all certified organic teas and Natural Nipple Butter are also Non-GMO Project Verified. Earth Mama® submitted all of its pregnancy teas, as well as Natural Nipple Butter, a balm for breastfeeding, for Non-GMO status. Every Earth Mama tea title, including the French versions (which are the exact same teas), had to be evaluated and verified. The Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program certification process is complex and thorough. FoodChain Global Advisors scrutinized Earth Mama teas, from soil to seed, to plant. Each ingredient in Earth Mama’s Natural Nipple Butter and USDA Certified 100% organic herbal teas has now been documented to be Non-GMO Project Verified.

GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses and other animals and plants. These experimental combinations of genes cross the natural species barrier and have not been proven safe.

The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance. Earth Mama’s verified products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard—that means ongoing testing of all GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections and an annual audit to ensure that we’re meeting the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance.

Earth Mama Angel Baby believes consumers have a right to know what is in their food and personal care products. “We have always labeled our products with integrity so that pregnant women can see for themselves what’s inside the box,” says Founder/CEO Melinda Olson. “Of all the populations on the planet, women carrying a baby deserve to know that the products they are buying for themselves and their babies are safe. Having our products certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified supports our mission to provide products that are both safe and effective.”

Interview Melinda
Earth Mama Angel Baby founder Melinda Olson is a nurse, herbalist, and, by necessity, expert on pure, safe options in the natural pregnancy and baby industry.

About Earth Mama Angel Baby®
Earth Mama Angel Baby’s safe, hospital recommended, organic and natural herbal personal care products, certified organic castile soaps, and USDA Certified 100% Organic teas are specifically formulated to support the entire journey of childbirth, from Pregnancy through Postpartum Recovery, Breastfeeding, and Baby care. No worrisome ingredients and no toxins ever! Mama’s Promise® is to offer only safe, pure, natural products that work. If it doesn’t measure up to Mama’s standards, it doesn’t leave the building.

To locate an Earth Mama Angel Baby retailer please visit our Green Team Retailer Directory here.

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