Five Time-Tested Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Tips for building an email list

Email marketing is an important and often essential way to grow your business. Customers who opt-in to your email newsletter want to hear from you (after all, most people covet their emails, so if they fork it over to a brand, they must really want to continue engagement with that brand!). For brands, it’s a fantastic way to share new products, new promotions, inspirational stories, and more with customers.

Email marketing isn’t showing any signs of letting up anytime soon. A Forrester Research study says that 42 percent of retailer’s emails were opened on a smart phone and 17 percent of emails were opened on a tablet. With the mobile device usage on a steady incline, you can feel confident knowing mobile-phone addicts are viewing your emails.

That said, growing an email list takes commitment and effort.  Email lists don’t grow themselves and weary customers don’t just hand out their emails to anyone.

If you want to grow your email list, consider these five tried and true email sign-up tactics:

Create a Juicy Incentive:  Nothing will encourage someone to hand over his or her email address faster than a juicy incentive.  In exchange for signing up for your newsletter, offer them a free report on a subject important them, or 10 ideas to doing this or that.  When someone registers for your site, you can set it up so that your email system automatically emails him or her your free report – and you have successfully captured his or her contact information for future marketing.  Be sure to make your incentives well worth the effort, try to test several offers to see which get the best response rates, and change your incentives every so often to keep things fresh and timely. In addition to a free report or download, consider offering a special coupon for VIP subscribers only, or an entry to win a prize at the end of the month just for signing up.

Host an Online Event:  Take the time to create a webinar your customers (and potential customers) would enjoy. If you’re not one to host a webinar, consider inviting a special guest speaker to talk and you simply become the presenter/sponsor of the event.  If someone wants to attend your event, they’ll have to register and of course they’ll have to provide their email address to do so.

Host a Contest or Raffle:  Perhaps your company could be host to a fun raffle or photo contest. You can use apps such as Rafflecopter or Woobox to set them up and host them on your blog or Facebook pages.  When people enter the raffle or contest, they would be required to provide their email addresses.  This is a time-tested way to collect email data for your email list. With Facebook no longer allowing you to “like-gate” contests (i.e., requiring someone to like your page before entering a contest or raffle), you can no longer host contests just to boost your “likes”; rather, now you need to host contests and raffles to boost your email list!

Use Strategic Calls to Action:  Your lead page isn’t the only place you can generate email sign ups.  Add special calls to action all over your website. Consider strategic places, such as at the end of a blog post.  If someone wants more information on the topic you discuss in your blog post, they could download your whitepaper on the topic in exchange for registering for your email list. Look for targeted opportunities to entice your audiences.

Promote (and Cross Promote) Your Email List:  Consider an email blast swap with a trusted brand you know your customers would take interest in too. Perhaps you can email your list their incentive offer, and they can email their list your incentive offer. The result? You both drive like-minded customers to one another’s lists – a win-win!

Do you know of another time-tested way to grow an email list?  Please share it in the comment section of this post!

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