Four ways a manufacturer sales rep firm can help you promote your children’s product business

As the owner of an eco-friendly children’s product business, it’s likely you’re constantly Business group at the officeon the lookout for ways to promote your brand. If you’re like me, you know that you always need to be marketing if you want to stand out and be successful.

One way to promote your business is by working with a reputable manufacturer sales rep. That’s right, a manufacturer sales rep can be your biggest promotional advocate if you choose one that cares as much about your success as you do.

Here are four ways your manufacturer sales rep can help you promote your business and maximize your marketing prowess:

1. Piggy Back Promotions.  A manufacturer sales rep that deeply cares about your mutual success will help you celebrate your new product announcements, amplify great press mentions you’ve earned, and broadcast to their customers and fans any promotions you’re doing. How? Many reps will share your good news with the retailers they work with through blog posts, a newsletter blast, and/or social media mentions. Does your manufacturer sales rep have an up-to-date blog, newsletter, or large/targeted social media following?

(Look at how we promoted Simple Nature products in this blog feature:  

2. Promotion Through Association.  Look for a manufacturer sales rep that is iron-focused on your industry and carries brands that you not only admire, but also ones that complement your brand.  For example, if you own an eco-friendly children’s product business specializing in breastfeeding products, look for an eco-friendly children’s product manufacturer’s sales rep that might carry cloth diapers or babywearing essentials.  If they agree to rep your brand, you’ll be instantly associated with amazing, like-minded brands. The credibility you gain from such an association is the kind of promotions you can’t buy!

3.  Idea Generation. Think of a manufacturer sales rep as your partner in promoting your business. Take some time to brainstorm various promotions they think will work and that have worked for their prior clients in the past. You may come up with the next great PR campaign, or a social media contest that you couldn’t have dreamt up yourself.

4.  Marketing Advice. The more marketing successes you have, the more likely your manufacturer sales rep will be finding success too.  Look for a manufacturer sales rep that is continually providing you with marketing trends advice, as well as ideas and inspiration for future marketing campaigns, etc. Perhaps your manufacturer sales rep issues a quarterly “marketing tips” newsletter, or regularly offers marketing advice through how-to, educational blog posts.

Check out this article we wrote that helps both the retailers and manufacturers we work with – TEN reasons your business needs a blog: 

Remember, your manufacturer sales rep wants you to be successful in promoting your business.  Through piggyback promotions, promotion through association, idea generation, and ongoing marketing advice, your manufacturer sales rep can help you grow your business and be that long-term business partner you’ve always desired.

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