Getting Your Product Ready for a Manufacturer Sales Rep or Sales Distributor

Getting your product sales distributor readyAre you ready to take your sales to the next level?  Working with a manufacturer sales rep or distributor can help you grow your customer reach instantly. Oftentimes, distributors and sales reps have hundreds of retailers they’ve already established trusted partnerships with.  Getting them to carry your product will bring your brand instant exposure to not only to retailers who will likely be interested in carrying your products, but also to your end target audience who will be most interested in purchasing your products.

Before you can sell your product through a qualified sales distributor, you need to get it “distributor-ready.” What this means is that your product must meet or exceed the following expectations in order to be acceptable for third-party sales representation:

Get Market-Ready: This goes without saying that before contacting a distributor or sales rep, your product must be market ready.  It should be fully developed (no prototypes), packaged for the retail setting, have professional literature and photography, and plenty of stock to meet a distributor’s demands.

Set Pricing:  A distributor will carry your product only if it is profitable to them. It takes a lot of work for a distributor to rep a brand and the effort has to be worth the potential profit.  Plus, a distributor is attaching its name – and reputation – to your brand, which in itself offers instant value to a manufacturer. Typically a distributor will want to sell your product at your wholesale price. For example, if a retailer approaches a manufacturer directly, they would pay, let’s say, $14.99, your wholesale price.  A distributor, too, would want to charge a retailer $14.99 for your product.  Your rate for a distributor should allow them to sell it at a competitive wholesale rate and be profitable doing it.  Distributors will often buy in bulk to make it profitable for a manufacturer to sell it at a lower-than-wholesale rate.  Remember, no distributor wants to only make $1 per product per sale; they would have to sell a ton of products to cover their stocking and fulfillment costs.  A manufacturer’s pricing must be a win-win for the distributor, retailer, and end consumer.

Sell Multiple Lines:  A distributor will often look to partner with manufacturers who offer various product lines.  Getting a new manufacturer on board takes a lot of administrative work. Distributors are looking for brands that have a wide breadth of offerings to make it profitable for them to sell multiple lines.  Just as retailers like to buy multiple brands through a single distributor source, distributors want to be able to sell multiple product lines of each brand they offer.

Focus on Marketing:  Distributors want to be able to sell a lot of your product – if they don’t they will discontinue offering your product to their retailers. Make sure you are supporting the sale of your products through ongoing marketing efforts. Distributors are also more likely to accept your product to their mix if you already have some great PR, ongoing advertisements, and/or a large social media fan base under your belt.  Remember, a distributor can and should support your marketing efforts (after all, you both want to increase sales!), but it is truly the manufacturer’s job to drive consumer demand through continued marketing efforts.

Find the Right Match:  A distributor can quickly get a product to market by simply tapping into their network of retailers. This is why you want to make sure you’re working with a distributor who sells to your exact target market. For example, if you sell an eco-friendly children’s product, a good distributor to align with is one that specializes in eco-friendly children’s product distribution, such as Green Team Distribution.  The better the match, the more likely your success!

Are you looking to sell your products through a manufacturer sales rep or eco-friendly children’s product distributor?  Please Contact Us to learn more about how we can help your business tap into our network of eco-friendly retailers.

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