Green Team adds Imse Vimse Woven Organic Swaddling Blankets

New to Green Team in January 2015

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Green Team Enterprises brings the Imse Vimse Organic Swaddling Blanket to their lineup of eco-friendly products.

The Striped Swaddling Blanket made of 100% soft organic cotton. Wrap it around the baby, use in the crib and bassinet or as a nursing blanket. It is 35.4″ x 35.4″ with lots of stretch.

It would make a great gift for a new baby. The blanket is big enough to be functional well into the toddler years.

It is personally one of my favorite’s with my son, Nash! I love how soft, stretchy and heavy it is.


To purchase the Imse Vimse Organic Swaddling Blanket visit our Green Team Retailer locator or email us and we’ll point you to a great retailer with the blanket in stock!

Interested in selling Imse Vimse in your store?  Become a Green Team Retailer today!

Enter to win an Imse Vimse Organic Swaddling Blanket here:

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