Green Team adds the popular Pail Refresher to their product lineup!

pail refresherNew to Green Team in June 2014

Green Team Enterprises brings The Pail Refresher to their lineup of purposeful, affordable, non-toxic products.

The Pail Refresher is a patented, automatic, and non-toxic green deodorizing spray that can be used in diaper pails and garbage bins.  It’s healthy and safe for both people and pets!!

It’s motion activated technology lets it automatically release a fresh smelling spray upon any movement of the pail, door or cover. It does have a timing device so it won’t keep going off.  It’s battery operated, washable, reusable with cartridge refills and simple to use.

Pail Refresher benefits:

-​It’s green non-toxic and healthy, won’t harm Mom, kids or pets!

-It automatic and saves time, no having to look for the spray can/or deodorizing powder…or even hold one!

-It’s new, green and innovative, nothing like it on the market! ​

The Pail Refresher is versatile and will out-last your diapering days.  No longer need a diaper pail?  Switch the Pail Refresher over to your kitchen garbage pail!

To purchase the Pail Refresher visit our Green Team Retailer locator or email us and we’ll point you to a great retailer with the Pail Refresher in stock!

Interested in selling the Pail Refresher in your store?  Become a Green Team Retailer today!

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