Green Team Distribution Reveals Biggest “Threat” to Natural Products Retailers – Survey Results

Dear Green Team Distribution Friends and Colleagues:

We are very excited here today at Green Team Distribution – that’s because we are revealing the findings of our first-ever industry survey. We hope that natural products retailers, manufacturers, distributors and others doing business in our industry will take the time to read the full report. It offers great understanding and perspective on what natural products retailers really want.

Below is the press release we’re distributing on the newswire tomorrow. Please share this information with anyone you know who might benefit from reading the full report. There is a link below you can click on to download the full report for free too.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more – enjoy!

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Green Team Distribution Reveals Deal Sites as Biggest “Threat” to Natural Products Retailers in Inaugural Industry Survey

South Paris, ME (April 30, 2015) – Green Team Distribution, an eco-friendly children’s product distributor, today reveals the results of its inaugural survey, “What Natural Products Retailers Really Want.” In the survey, Green Team Distribution surveys 101 natural products retailers and unveils their levels of satisfaction with their businesses, as well as the opportunities, challenges and threats to their overall success.

Kelly Wels, the CEO of Green Team Distribution, commissioned the industry survey, conducted from March – April 2015.  She says the most interesting revelation, in her opinion, is that most natural products retailers (87%) consider deal sites, like Zulily and BabySteals, as the single most serious threat to their business success.

“We try to explain to manufacturers how deal sites can not only hurt a brand through discounting, but also how it can negatively impact a coveted manufacturer-retailer relationship,” says Wels.

The survey reveals that the next most serious treat to a natural products retailer’s success is Amazon. Wels says that while Amazon can help brands reach more people, it also can take a devastating toll on small- and mid-sized retailers who carry those products too and can’t compete on the same level as Amazon.

Another interesting survey finding is that natural products retailers are very optimistic about the future. About 89% of natural products retailers say they think 2015 will be a better year than 2014.

Wels says such optimism can be traced to a few things – including more consumer confidence in natural products, as well as mainstream acceptance and increasing demand for eco-friendly products.

“We learned that 79% of natural products retailers say that eco-friendly products sell better than regular products. This means there is a grand incentive for manufacturers to continue to create products that are sustainable, chemical-free, and mindful to the world at large,” says Wels.

Despite such optimism and mass acceptance of natural products, many retailers might say they are not as profitable as they would like to be. About 46% say their annual revenues are less than 100,000 and less than 2% say their annual revenues are $1 million or more. Even more interesting is that more than half of the respondents say they would sell their business if a good offer came along.

“Such revelations show me that many retailers may be feeling restless, unsatisfied or even uncertain about the future success of their businesses despite how optimistic they say they are,” says Wels.

To download a free copy of the full report, “What Natural Products Retailers Really Want,” visit this link: Green Team Distribution.

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