Green Team Introduces New Product; The Lock-It Down Diner

Introducing the Lock-Down Diner by Kranky Pantz, exclusively distributed by Green Team Distribution.

The Lock-It Down Diner is a brand new product to hit the children’s retail industry. Designed to help families with children who are making the transition from high chair to table.  It can also be used by any age individual who needs assistance with self feeding. The product is a dining aid used to assist individuals and families in creating stress free and mess free dining.  If you’ve ever had to pick up a plate of spaghetti thrown on the floor by your child, then you know how frustrating dinner time can be for parents.  This product is designed to solve this problem. It also helps children that are learning to use silverware, the bowls and plates won’t slide around as they are trying to get there food.

This tray-to-table dining system clips and grips to an ordinary table and comes with adjustable and removable clips.  The bowls and plates are designed to lock into the tray with one simple twist motion.  The tray is spill/leak proof and acts as a table protector with the additional use for arts & crafts or play when installed with our flush insert.  While the bowl and plate are designed to custom lock into the tray, they can also be used as a standalone product. Made from Tritan® plastic, a highly durable, impact-resistant, BPA/BPS-toxin free material, the Lock-It Down Diner and it’s accessories are long-lasting, dishwasher and microwave safe.  The Lock-It Down Diner is a versatile dining tray system that will positively change your dining experience.  This Product Works!

For a video demonstration of the Lock-It Down Diner check out the YouTube video below


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