Is YOUR Contact Us form visible and easy to find?

Make your ‘Contact Us‘ tab visible!

I visit several websites weekly and over half of the sites I have a very hard time locating the ‘Contact Us‘ tab. This is very frustrating for a customer and they will leave your website if this is not prominently displayed. The tab should be on the top of your home page and clearly VISIBLE.

Imagine your own frustration should you be in the customers shoes?  You have a simple question you need answered before you place your order but you can find NO way to contact the store owner?  It’s a quick way to lose business.

If your site is not customizable enough for you to move your Contact Us tab into a more prominent location then you should make sure your actual email address is easy to find.

Don’t lose business over this easy to fix mistake.  Go and check now to make sure customers can contact you with ease!


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