Natural Solutions to Help Battle the Common Cold

It is that time of year when having the common cold is common. A few weeks ago I came

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down with a nasty cold and being pregnant I was more diligent about what I ingested or put on my body. Most of us can admit to using the traditional menthol vapor rub in the past. Quite honestly, the scent just about knocked me out every time I used it. I am very sensitive to fragrances and this was no exception. Most traditional vapor rub brands contain petroleum which if not refined properly can contain many cancer causing chemicals. I discovered the BALM! Baby Eucalyptus Rub at the height of my cold and my first reaction was it was such a soothing smell and was petroleum free. It was a nice minty lavender smell with eucalyptus undertones. I tried the rub in the tin version as first. I put some under my nose and on my chest and noticed my congestion was much better within a couple of hours. Thank goodness!

A few weeks later I tried the stick version on my husband as a muscle balm as he has chronic back pain. He swears by its effectiveness. It comes in a biodegradable (and compostable) eco-tube. I loved it because it was just easier to apply and I could rub it on without getting it on my hands. I also used it on my 8 yr old son when he got a cold and he kept asking me throughout the day to put more on his chest. He gets super grouchy and agitated when is sick and I swear the lavender in the rub calmed him down. I know as a parent to see your child in emotional distress can sometimes be harder to deal with than physical distress.

Another product that our family has been using the past few weeks is the BALM! Baby Sanitize Those Hands. We have a saying in our house when we use something a lot:  “Reckless Abandon”.  Seriously, if I could take a shower in this product I would, lol…especially after coming home from the grocery store.  It is an all-natural sanitizer that is made from Hawaiian sugar cane, macadamia nut oil, and an essential oil blend. I’ve been keeping the travel size in my purse but definitely need to get a couple of more to keep in the car and in my son’s backpack.

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