Pinterest Tip: Add a Pin It Button to your toolbar!

Getting started with Pinterest takes time, we all know that.  You have to create an account, gain followers, create boards, pin photos to your boards and interact with your followers.

The one think you’re going to need at your fingertips at all times is a Pin It Button.  Some sites have one built in, some blog posts and images have a Pin It Button embedded within the post so that you can easily pin what you want.

The easiest way I have found is to add the Pin It Button to my toolbar.  Then you can pin anything, anywhere, at any time, even if there’s not a Pinterest button on the site.

Simply visit Pinterest’s Goodies page.  There you’ll see the button I am referring to.

You’re a mouse click away, it’s that EASY.  Simply click on the button, hold down and drag it to your toolbar!  Ta da!  Like magic!  You’ll be pinning away in sheer moments!

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