Snow Day Giveaway – BeginAgain Toys Gear Stacking Rings

Here in Maine we are experiencing our first snow day of 2016-2017. Which for me means that I hunker down and “work from home”. Unfortunately, working from home is a little difficult, toddler running around, shipping can’t be done, all my passwords are on my work computer, etc., etc, etc..

So I thought it would be fun to do a Snow Day giveaway instead of my usual daily tasks.

My son, Nash, and I will be playing with the BeginAgain Toys Gear Stacker Stacking Rings through out the day.

Gear StackBeginAgain Toys Gear Stacking Rings






Here is your chance to win one!


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11 Responses to Snow Day Giveaway – BeginAgain Toys Gear Stacking Rings

  1. Anel says:

    We like to put on plays, and watch movies

  2. Kari Barone says:

    We read books, play with trains, play with playdough, and sometimes watch a movie.

  3. Olivia says:

    I usually play in the snow with my boys on a snow day and clean up the driveway. Make a big pot of soup together and read from our current chapter book. Today I’m tending to the stomach flu instead! 🙁

  4. NickyJ says:

    Get outside and play if we can.. or if stuck in, play games and do some baking

  5. Nina Mackrain says:

    We are homeschoolers so we don’t get snow days. Lol. BUT, we do take off time to enjoy the snow.

  6. Miriam Matheny says:

    We love to snuggle, make special snacks and play outside. We don’t get much snow in East Texas

  7. Jill S says:

    Well, the truth is that we don’t get ‘days off’ because we home school. We’re more likely to take a ‘sun day’ than a snow day. The kids have plenty of time to play or read, because they spend their time actually working, and not on a bus, waiting in lines, and so on. It’s not for everyone, but it does work out nicely.

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