Success! Gift Baskets for Down Syndrome Diagnoses

down syndrome diagnoses, gift basketsGift Baskets for Down Syndrome Diagnoses

You might recall a recent post on Facebook or on one of our various blogs about a Green Team retailer, Heather from Cloth Diaper Outlet, and her quest towards creating gift baskets for expecting families newly receiving a Down Syndrome Diagnoses.

Heather’s passion for this project was born of her own recent personal experience.

Having a baby is stressful enough, but having a baby diagnosed with Down syndrome can be downright scary.  This is especially the case when parents don’t know the diagnosis before their baby is born.

In the Eugene/Springfield area, when a mom has a baby diagnosed with Down syndrome, she might receive a 2-page brochure or, at best, a book.

We want to welcome new families with a gift basket, especially chosen for babies with Down syndrome.

Each gift basket will include 1-2 books about Down syndrome,  small toys specially chosen to be helpful for babies with Down syndrome, and an assortment of other items such as lotion for mama and organic baby shampoo.  We will also include brochures and information about local and national resources that can help the new family transition more easily and more positively into life with Down syndrome.

Green Team is proud to be a supporter and donor for Heather’s ‘Gift Baskets for Down Syndrome Diagnoses‘ cause.  We’re thrilled to see her progress from the start to the finish of her first batch of baskets, soon to be delivered to local Eugene, OR hospitals.

To support Heather’s mission, sponsor items for her baskets or to simply make a donation you can visit her GoFundMe page here.  For more on Heather’s story you can check her out on her blog 321Mama.

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