TEN reasons your business NEEDS a blog!

TEN Reasons your business needs a BLOG!tip_of_week_png

We know what you’re thinking, you don’t have time for all that you do now, much less time to create and manage your own blog.  So what are the benefits of having a blog for your business and will it be worth the time it takes to use and maintain one?

Here are TEN reasons you might want to consider a blog for your business:

  • Improve SEO by using keywords and linking to various products on your site.  Create your own destiny by using your blog to increase your google ranking.
  • Have your very own place to share resourceful posts, FAQ, and more.   Customers are always asking questions.  Why not have one place you can direct them to that will answer your most common customer service issues?
  • Cross promote your sales, announcements, discounts and other information for extra exposure.  No need for a lengthy post every single time, simply copy and paste your sale and graphic information and voila, instant blog post!
  • Host your own giveaways instead of always having to outsource.  You’ll be in control of your own giveaway from start to finish.
  • Expand your reach beyond your website and facebook and connect with more potential customers.  A blog is a great way to reach new people who may not normally frequent your page or website.
  • Connect with customers by allowing them to contribute to your blog.
  • Highlight and review products you carry with photo heavy posts and detailed information not otherwise listed on your site.
  • Network with other businesses and brands.  Sharing other brands and or business links in exchange for them promoting you is a perfect outlet for your new blog!
  • Share events and local happenings in order to connect with potential customers local to you.
  • Use your blog as an outlet for somewhat personal expression.  Within reason, sharing more about you, your family, your goals and your business is a great way to create relationships and bonds with customers.

So, do you already have a blog?  Do you utilize it for any of the above reasons?

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