Tips for creating a successful retail promotion on a budget!

You’ve probably noticed, that a “FREE Gift with Purchase” promotion seems to really draw a crowd and get people shopping and sharing a stores ideas

The problem, it cost precious inventory and profit to give away free items, and can you really afford to?  Often small businesses can’t afford to off to giveaway the items it takes to really draw in the customers.  Well that’s where Green Team comes in!

Our sales and promotions are not only set up to increase your profits, they’re perfect for creating those “gift with purchase” promotions you’ve been dreaming of.  Take advantage our our deals like today’s FREE 3-Pack of Wool Dryer Balls, FREE 3-Pack of Changing Diapers Books and FREE Grandma El’s jar.  These items will give you the option of giving away product that didn’t cost you a dime.

The benefit?  Have freebies left over from your promotion?  Then you can sell the and make 100% profit since they were free to begin with!

Additionally, create a promotion using our Green Team product lines and we’ll give you a shout out and help you promote them.  Just email us when you have a relevant sale or deal you’d like us to share.

Interested in becoming a Green Team Enterprises Distribution retailer?  Click HERE for details.

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