Why you should have a personalized About Us page!

Connect with your customers via your ‘About Us‘ Page on your Website and Facebook.

Make sure you tell your customers about yourself, your family, your reasons for starting the business you own.  They’ll love to know how passionate you are about serving their needs and will take comfort in knowing they can expect prompt and personalized customer service.

Without an ‘About Us‘ Page customers may assume you’re operating some kind of Affiliate website or that you’re in another country.  Increased awareness of scams and fraudulent sites can deter shoppers from ordering if they don’t feel they can trust you.

Spruce us your ‘About Us’ Page or add an update if it’s been a while.  Stay connected with your customers!  This is your chance to earn their patronage.

More and more families are striving to support small family owned businesses, don’t hide the fact that you are one!

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