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We recently added the amazing WOW! All Natural Toothpaste to our line of products. We know we LOVE it but wanted to ask the creator’s of this wonderful toothpaste what it is that makes their toothpaste so different from others and understand a little more about why we like it so much.

Read below to find out “Why does everyone say WOW!”  and don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a tube for yourself!


  • How does WOW! perform higher than other similar brands of toothpaste?

By using 17 powerful ingredients that are all natural and enhance your overall health, our toothpaste is specifically formulated to meet all of your oral health care needs. We also made sure to steer clear of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients, only selecting ingredients that are good for your mouth, your body, and our planet.

  • Why is WOW! more expensive than similar brands of toothpaste?

We decided that your smile, your happiness, and your long term well-being were worth the long list of expensive ingredients we selected.

Made from the FINEST organic vegetables and essential oils, the formula did get pretty pricey, but if it saves you from pain and money spent on dental visits and procedures, we think paying a little more for your toothpaste for preventative maintenance is the better ‘bang for your buck’!

How often do you buy toothpaste anyways?

  • What are the benefits of using natural and organic products, anyways?

Did you know that your ORAL health is directly linked to your OVERALL health? Your mouth is the most absorbent part of your body and serves as your #1 line of defense! We use all natural ingredients that are good for your health and help protect your whole body, especially your teeth! In addition to caring for your health, we also care for our planet in all that we do. Organic ingredients help preserve eco-systems, reduce pollution, and provide a safe future.

  • Does WOW! taste as bad as other natural health foods and products?

NO! Actually, most peoples’ first reaction to the taste is “WOW!”

Our formula, surprisingly, tastes great! The sensation of fresh ingredients tantalizes your tastes buds and the taste is even appealing to children! We are excited about the future flavors we are working on, so keep an eye out!

  • Is WOW! safe for early childhood and prenatal use?

YES! Early childhood tooth decay is spreading like wildfire and we can thank sugary snacks, processed foods, and lack of education for that!

(Not really.) Our toothpaste builds strong teeth and protects against disease and decay, so the earlier you start, the better! Did you know some ingredients found in common toothpaste brands have been shown to contribute to low birth weight and premature birth? Free of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients, WOW! is safe for prenatal use and anti-nausea properties make this toothpaste great for morning sickness!

  • How does WOW! optimize your overall well-being?

WOW! All Natural Toothpaste provides your body with antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that are absorbed directly into your blood stream and help enhance your overall health. Special ingredients help boost your immune system, fight off infections, and restores minerals to your mouth and body that you might be deprived of due to processed and modified foods.

  • How does WOW! keep your mouth so clean and feeling fresh for so long?

The secret to using our formula is this… the more you use is, the more it works! BUT due to an incredible team of ingredients, WOW! not only cleans the plaque from your teeth completely, it also prevents food particles and bacteria from sticking to your teeth which means you can say GOODBYE PLAQUE! Experience a fresh dentist clean smile that lasts hours after brushing.

  • Why is WOW! fluoride free?

There is an ongoing debate concerning the use of fluoride as a dental health product, as well as a water additive and researchers have found that fluoride has the ability to cause long-lasting harm to various bodily systems including damage to the brain and central nervous system, association with risk of cancer, and higher risk of bone fractures. We think you’ll agree that our product is better without it (fluoride).

  • Is it safe to use Hydrogen Peroxide in toothpaste?

Yes! If you think about it, hydrogen peroxide has been used by medical professionals and moms with tough toddlers for years. Poured on open wounds, hydrogen peroxide is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and is used in most conventional teeth whiteners. Dentists have even recommended patients swish hydrogen peroxide (in moderation) for whitening at home.

  • How does WOW! whiten naturally?

To include hydrogen peroxide, the powerful combination of ingredients in WOW! keep plaque from forming on your teeth, remove and reduce stains, and remineralizes to restore tooth enamel. Free of chemicals, abrasives, and harmful toxins, WOW! whitens naturally without damaging your smile or your health!

  • What bonus does WOW! offer for your lips?

What goes better with a bright white smile than noticeably (and naturally) moisturized lips? The hydrating properties of WOW! don’t just apply to the inside of your mouth.. it works on the outside too! Someone even started using their toothbrush to exfoliate their lips followed by WOW! to moisturize. (We tried it, and we love it!)

  • What does remineralizing do for your teeth and gums?

By using a remineralizing toothpaste, you can restore demineralized tooth tissues, build strong enamel, reduce risk of cavities, decay, and gum disease, and maintain a healthy flow of saliva to help manage bacteria levels.

  • Does WOW! treat sensitivity?

Sensitivity is caused by weakened tooth enamel and enamel erosion/tooth decay. By remineralizing teeth to restore enamel, as well as protecting against further wear on your enamel, WOW! can help treat and protect against teeth sensitivity!

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